On 14th July 2005, Angela Harrison took her own life at the tragically young age of 31, four months after the birth of her daughter Sophie. Angela had been suffering from a severe form of postnatal depression.

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Angela worked as a Medical Secretary at Perranporth Surgery and lived in Newquay with her husband of 12 years Anthony.
She was a bright, vivacious, fun loving young woman ecstatic about the arrival of their first and much wanted child but following the birth of Sophie, on 9th March 2005, Angela became depressed and went on to develop puerperal psychosis.

This serious illness tragically led her to take her own life on 14th July 2005.

Although Angela received wonderful support from her family, friends and colleagues it has become apparent that there is a lack of services, information and support available to sufferers of postnatal depression and possibly the more serious puerperal psychosis.


As a lasting tribute to Angela, her family, friends and colleagues decided that they would set up The Angela Harrison Charitable Trust. Their aim is to increase awareness of postnatal depression, to provide help and support for sufferers to combat stigmatism/ignorance and give people the information and direction to gain the help necessary, when it is most needed.