Surviving post-natal Depression: At Home, No-one Hears You Scream

Cara Aitken
Contains stories from ten women about their illnesses – of varying degrees of severity – and subsequent recovery. Includes chapters on how their partners coped and supported them, practical advice and conclusions, the professional view, the myth of perfect mothering and a chapter summarising common factors in the ten cases. The book is presented in easy to read, small chunks and is ideal for dipping into. 

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Down Came the Rain: A mother’s story of depression and recovery

Brooke Shields
An easy read and Brooke is very good at describing how she was feeling at the time despite being successful, healthy, in a loving relationship and with a very supportive family. 

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I had a Black Dog

Matthew Johnstone
It seems unlikely that a cartoon book could describe adequately the hell that is depression but it does and it does it brilliantly. Can be read in minutes even when concentration is poor. 

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Living with a Black Dog

Matthew and Ainsley Johnstone
Advice for carers/partners in the same accessible style and easy to read style. This book can really help others to understand something of what it is like to suffer from depression.

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Why I Jumped: My True Story of Postnatal Depression, Dramatic Rescue & Return to Hope

Tina Zahn
An easy read and an amazing story! Tina suffered greatly in her own childhood and had long bouts of depression before becoming a mother. She suffered from PND after her first child but it was after her second that she really fell apart. 

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Shoot the damn dog: a memoir of depression

Sally Brampton
A ’personal account of a journey through (and out of) severe depression as well as being a practical book, suggesting ideas about what might help.’ 

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