Our 10th Anniversary – “TIN”

It is our 10 year anniversary this year so I looked up which traditional present for this event you would expect to find and came up with Tin.  This is very ironic as we are a Cornish charity trust.

Thinking about the word “TIN” and what this could symbolise to the Angela Harrison Charitable Trust, I was hit by the simplicity of it all.  The word links beautifully with our current ethos and the direction we are now following in this way:

T = Training

We have found through our experience over the past 10 years that the most important factor in the prevention and treatment of Postnatal Depression is to train the people who will meet, treat and support families who are experiencing the condition.

I = Information

That’s what we do best!  By providing the resources like leaflets (in the red baby books), posters, training guides and providing book lending schemes to professionals working in the healthcare system, we inform on symptoms, current available treatments and help signpost sufferers to the best information, care and support in the area.

Exchange of information helps keep the spotlight on the condition and stops it from being forgotten about.  Keeping it current encourages better communication and best practice can be shared.

N = Nurture

Nurturing trainee and new professionals by providing training, motivation and opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with like-minded people promotes positive change in the attitudes of all who treat, support and care for those suffering with Postnatal Depression.

The Angela Harrison Charitable Trust was founded on the tragedy of the untimely death of Angela 10 years ago whilst suffering from Puerperal Psychosis.

Over the past 10 years we have worked to achieve many things, the most successful being the new Perinatal Mental Health Service and the study days held every 2 years.

We have increased awareness of Postnatal Depression, created a website, support groups, book lending service, literature and leaflets etc and fostered links between organisations on a national level.

Our aim is to increase awareness of Postnatal Depression and to ensure that through this, sufferers and their families will have the help, information and support needed to make a successfull recovery …

We will keep on working toward this aim and would like to thank all the people who have helped us get this far – the fundraisers, the professionals who give their time and share their knowledge and on a personal level, the rest of the members of the Trust – past and present, who without their dedication, time and effort, we wouldn’t be here today.

Thank you all.